Welcome to the Houses section, where you can download custom made homes for the Sims 3. The homes here come in three flavors: Fully Furnished, Semi Furnished and Unfurnished. Please see below for an explanation of what those terms mean by Sheepy Sims 3 terms.

Information About Houses

Fully Furnished
House contains all amenities and custom content, if listed.
Semi Furnished
House exterior contains all objects, interior contains plain walls and floors, but includes kitchen, bathroom and light fixtures. May include some cc patterns (i.e. floors), but typically no objects (unless specified).
House exterior contains only shrubbery, terrain and light fixtures (possibly a driveway), and interior contains plain walls and floors, no fixtures of any kind. Unfurnished is the only option which contains no cc other than required structural items (see below).
  • All houses on this site are available in both .sims3pack and .package format. To install a house using .sims3pack, double click the package and use the launcher (or your favorite launcher substitute). To install a house using .package, simply put the file into your Library folder and it'll show up just fine.
  • If a house contains a custom content window, door or archway, it will be required for all versions, including semi and unfurnished lots. If permitted by the creator, said content will be included in the download. It is a general policy of this site to not include custom content with downloads other than required structural items and patterns offered by this site - links and credit are provided on each download page.
  • All houses are tested in AnyGameStarter to confirm their requirements. If a house is listed as requiring an expansion pack, it means the house contains an object from that pack. The house will still work without the pack, but obviously the object will need replacement.
  • Due to the use of EA patterns in many cases, it can be assumed that my houses will always require the latest patch to work properly.

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